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Young Bruce getting ready to show his first steer

Aaron gets help from his sister before entering the show ring with his soon to be MN State Fair Reserve Champion

Our family at the MN Sate Fair with the Reserve Champion Angus Cow Calf Pair

of the 4-H & the Open Show

Checking cows with our three helpers.

Young LeeAnn feeding her steers

Contour strips help minimize soil erosion on our farm.

LeeAnn, Taylor, & Bruce at AGR parents open house

LeeAnn & Bruce with their new


Lindsay & Shane on their wedding day

Aaron with his Champion Steer “Famous”

Famous was Grand Champion at our county fair  & Champion Angus Steer @ the MN State Fair.

Famous went on to be the featured steer in the Famous Daves People Tipping Video advertising campaign.

Silage bags store feed for the winter

Bruce introducing a family friend to our new foal