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Bruce and LeeAnn were born and raised on diversified farms, grew up around cattle, and were active in both 4-H and FFA youth organizations.

In 1984 they purchased 10 crossbred heifers from LeeAnn's family to start their own beef herd.

In 1999 we purchased our first registered Angus bred heifer and our family has since become very involved with the breed. All but 1 cow are purebred Angus cattle. She is a recipient for our embryo transfer program. The rest of our recipients are currently angus cows. We are expanding our recipient herd with more commercial cows. Our belief in the beef industry as a whole and the quality of the Angus breed of cattle has led us to be active in the State & American Angus Association. Our children have also been active in the Junior Angus Associations, 4-H and FFA. They have shown livestock since they were old enough to join 4-H and carry on the tradition.

We feel blessed that we have been able to raise our children on a family farm. This has allowed our family the privilege to learn to be compassionate for animals. They have also been fortunate to experience the personal growth from the responsibility of caring for animals as well as the land. We are proud of and grateful for the opportunity we have had to raise 3 wonderful children in the country on the family farm we call our home.

Cannon Valley Ranch is located next to Belle Creek & the Belle Creek Watershed in Goodhue County MN. Belle Creek empties into the Cannon River. The land is farmed in contour strips to conserve the soil from erosion. We raise corn, hay, and the balance is pasture, which is in a rotational grazing program.




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